Bodyweight Workouts for Better Sex

Sex: the cardiovascular exercise that consumes half the world’s minds at any given moment. Sex is such a major part of our society that it is a theme in nearly every movie and the reason behind the existence of at least half of the health and fitness industry.  

You’re probably thinking, “Of course coitus is an effective motivator for exercise.” In fact it has a lot in common with exercise, it makes you look and feel better. It’s an activity that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat. If you think about it the deed is basically a sporting event, and people in good shape tend to play sports better than those who aren’t. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not trying boil this down “physical fitness = sexual performance.” Lord knows there are plenty of overweight people with far better sex lives than mine. I’m just noting that there is a level of cardiovascular endurance necessary for maintaining a pace, and most people find that kind of exercise far easier when they are at a healthy weight. All of which is to say, we have a great statement to motivate our nation:

“Work out if you want better sex!”

Additionally, sex isn’t just an effective motivation to exercise. It’s a good exercise on its own.

If you’re having sex, you’re essentially doing a series of hip hinges at a moderate to vigorous pace for 5 to 30 minutes. For your posterior chain—primarily your hamstrings and glutes—that’s the equivalent of going for a run. That type of work is very transferable to exercises like deadlifts and kettlebell swings, or in functional terms, picking something up or throwing something underhand. So if you’re doing the deed, congratulations—you’re reaping benefits beyond just the obvious ones, not only for your body but also your mind. Sex can lower your cortisol levels and reduce stress.

Since this a blog about action and not mental masturbation, here are a few specific exercises you can do right now to help you with your sex life and reduce your stress:

Deadlift Stretches (beginner)

These help you build the necessary mobility for sexual intercourse. You don’t want to cramp up or pull a hammie!

Single Leg Bridges (intermediate)

Develop the necessary stability and strength for the deed. You don’t want to take breaks!

Spiderman Push-ups (advanced)

There is a certain amount of upper-body and core strength required for basic heteronormative intercourse. Sometimes you need to hold yourself up.

Jump Squat (advanced)

If sex was a sport, it would be hockey. It requires a lot of power from the lower body and decent balance.


Do you need help getting back into shape for the activities you like to do? Send me an email- I write custom strength and nutrition programs to help you reach your individualized goals! 

Jake Dermer