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Do Not Eat At Your Desk

Eating at your desk is far from ideal. Step away to a designated dining area to give yourself a small break from work, allow yourself to be mindful of what you are eating, and to avoid having to multitask. Eating at your desk, like eating in front of the television, is distracted eating and it is difficult to gauge how much you are actually consuming when you are distracted.  

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Lose Excess Belly Fat at Your Desk

Most people think you need a complicated workout program, a dietitian, and Oprah money to have the physique you’ve always dreamed of, you don’t.  You can get rid of almost all of your excess belly fat with a simple tool that you can use at your desk…

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Snacking at your Desk: snacks you should stash and the ones you should trash

In an office setting it is difficult to have constant access to healthy snacks. Coworkers bring in cake for birthdays and donuts on Fridays, but rarely does anyone bother to bring in a veggie platter. Snacking is one of the most detrimental habits to a healthy diet only because of how hard it is to keep healthy snacks with you.  But fear not! Below are seven healthy snacks you should be eating, and the snack traps to avoid. 

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