Weekend Warrior Preparedness Program

Did you know that almost 48 percent of American men will go to the hospital at least once in their lives for an injury suffered during a recreational sport? 

That is a jarring statistic. Fortunately, it’s also a made-up one. Still, it sure sounds true, doesn’t it?

Think about the last time you played a recreational sport. I’m guessing most of your friends didn’t take the time to get loose before they started playing. In addition, I’d guess the last athletic thing done by a good number of them was playing the same recreational sport two weeks prior.

Now think about the next day. Did you or your friends chat about how cripplingly sore you were? I’m guessing at least one participant in the recreational basketball league took the rest of the week off to heal, even though his body would probably have been better served by some low impact movements (i.e., active recovery).

Should your friend have made the effort to exercise in the two weeks between rec-league sports? Of course. But this article is not about the cost of living a sedentary lifestyle—I’ve already covered that topic.  This is about the dangers of going from 0 to 60 without warming up.

I can’t emphasize this enough: you cannot safely attempt to play a recreational/competitive sport without properly preparing your body.

That's why I have put together a playlist on youtube that I like to call the Weekend Warrior Preparedness Program. It's nothing crazy, just six moderate exercises that you can do from anywhere. Try to do the exercises as a circuit for example:

30 Seconds Ali Shuffle 

30 Seconds High Knees 

12 Squats

12 Side Lunges (6 each side)

15 Bridges 

10 Dead Bugs

And then take it from the top! See how many rounds you can go through in ten minutes. You can make this harder by going faster or for longer.

You can use it as a warm up pre-game, although in that case I would just do one round because you've got to keep some in the tank. This little workout guarantees you'll feel more limber next time you take the field. 


Do you need help building a custom workout program for your individual needs? Reach out we'd be happy to work with you one-on-one to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Jake Dermer