Neck Pain Protocol

The most common discomfort people experience from the prolonged use of technology is tightness in their upper traps and neck. Sitting at a laptop or using your phone causes you to spend most of your day looking down with a forward head posture. Our neck pain relief protocol starts with limiting the amount of time you use any electronic device without a break. I know this sounds like broad strokes advice, because it is. Your neck pain could be caused by any number of things- using your phone, watching TV, working at a computer, sports injury, sleeping wrong, or whiplash. During those breaks you take from using electronic devices, let’s do something productive.

Let’s stretch the muscles most commonly associated with tightness in your upper traps and neck:

Trap Stretch- Do this three times a day for 30 seconds

Pocket Stretch- Do this three times a day for 30 seconds

Chicken Heads- Do this for three sets or ten reps 

Chest Stretch- Do this three times a day for 30 seconds


Additionally you could grab a lacrosse ball or foam roller and try to relieve the knots in your neck and upper back. 

Find a spot where the muscle feels knotted, place the ball there and hold until the tightness begins to dissipate. This could take anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes.

Use the ball against the wall for the less intensity or against the floor for more intensity.

Pectoralis Minor - Likely the tighter part of your chest

Latissimus Dorsi - Your wings

Upper Trapezius - Things that pull up your shoulders

Levator scapulae - Lifts up your scapula

(this is for muscle tightness only, if you have a preexisting condition or spinal injury please consult a physician before attempting)

Jake Dermer