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Create Your Own Workout At Your Desk

One of the main reasons people avoid workouts at their desks is because they don’t know what to do. Most people think that in order to get a good workout in, you need to go to a gym. You don’t. A twenty minute high intensity body-weight workout in the comfort of your home or office, will yield far greater results than thirty minutes on the elliptical and ten minutes of bench press. Not to mention the time it saves you going to and from the gym, and the avoided unpleasantness associated with showering in a public restroom.

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Seven Excuses to Leave your Desk

In an effort to keep back pain, heart disease, and obesity at bay, a common piece of advice is to take a break from work for a few minutes of every hour. Unfortunately not everyone works in an environment where the culture allows for constant breaks from your desk work, but fear not! Here are seven excuses that will keep you moving about all day long: 

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Push-ups at your Desk

The push-up (aka earth downs) is the fundamental upper body exercise, it requires no equipment and can be done at your desk. Push-ups are designed to help you build a rock solid core, define your chest, and tone your arms. It is an efficient movement that can be adapted to match the abilities of any wellness warrior. 

It’s helpful to think of a push-up as a moving plank, because that’s exactly what it is, in order to do a proper push-up you must maintain the same tension and posture as a plank throughout the entire movement.  

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Lose Excess Belly Fat at Your Desk

Most people think you need a complicated workout program, a dietitian, and Oprah money to have the physique you’ve always dreamed of, you don’t.  You can get rid of almost all of your excess belly fat with a simple tool that you can use at your desk…

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How to build strength at your desk without sweating

Getting stronger at your desk without sweating is tough, especially in business attire. It's easy to sneak in a little stretching or movement as a break from the monotony of office life without sweating, but it is hard to actually make progress via these movements.

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Your desk job could be giving you butt pimples

As if working at a desk doesn’t have enough dangers to avoid already, sitting too long causes low back pain, using your computer too much makes your neck tight, and a sedentary lifestyle decreases your lifespan.  And now you have to worry about butt pimples too, stop the madness!

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