Your desk job could be giving you butt pimples

As if working at a desk doesn’t have enough dangers to avoid already, sitting too long causes low back pain, using your computer too much makes your neck tight, and a sedentary lifestyle decreases your lifespan.  And now you have to worry about butt pimples too, stop the madness!

Butt pimples are a serious affliction sweeping offices nation wide. The more time spent on your butt the more likely you are to suffer from a common condition know as SACBI (Sweaty ass caused by inactivity). SCABI can strike at any time, during an important conference room meeting when the AC is too low, on an airplane, or most commonly from just sitting too long. This condition is most prevalent in men because most of us don’t live in Scotland so we cannot wear skirts, but women suffer too.

Don’t fret though; you can fight SCABI and live butt pimple free with a few simple precautions:


1)   Sit Less:

I frown upon the common piece of fitness advice given around the new year “move more, eat less”, because I certainly wouldn’t want to workout more if the reward was less food, I like to change it to “move more, sit less”. Sitting less is the best way to relieve the heat built up by planting your buttocks in one place for an extended period of time. It is also the main motivation for the writing of this article.

2)   Change your undergarments:

I like a boxer but a boxer brief or brief may actually be best for decreasing sweat, as they cannot bunch. Make sure your underwear isn’t too tight, however the most important factor is the material of the undergarment; you want lightweight, breathable fabrics. Unfortunately I cannot speak to ladies underwear because I lack the practical knowledge of how it feels to spend a day in them, but the same principles apply.


3)   Talcum or Baby Powder:

Is also a good way to fight SACBI, it absorbs moisture and has the added bonus of just feeling pretty nice.

4)   Antiperspirant Deodorant:

Antiperspirant is your last resort, they make clinical strength stuff that works for the sweatiest of people.  You may hear claims that antiperspirant is bad for you, but there isn’t much evidence to support that. It’s safe, although don’t purchase a $10 deodorant stick if you don’t need it. 

Every day millions of people suffer from butt pimples, don’t become part of a made up statistic.