Five Products for Desk Fitness

You cannot buy health and fitness. These products are helpful, but only if you use them consistently. You won’t lose any weight if you use your treadmill as a coat hanger or a dumbbell as a doorstop. None of these products are necessary for staying fit but they are all fun and helpful.

1. Theraband

The Theraband is one of my favorite products for improving grip strength. It is so versatile, you can use it for relieving tennis or golfers elbow. It can be used to strengthen your shoulders, and it is compact. The only downside for using this at your desk is that you will need both hands.


2. Grip Trainer

A grip trainer is the easiest product to use while on the phone or on the go. This classic product is effective for improving your handshake and finger strength. However this product can only strengthen your forearm flexors and leave the extenders untrained. The Theraband does a better job of training your whole forearm.


3. Better Back

Do you have pain from spending too much time seated? Do you need help maintain your posture throughout the day? The better back is a product that does just that by bracing your back with straps that attach to your knees. It makes it easy for you to maintain solid posture for hours. This product certainly looks silly but is quiet effective.


4. Exercise Ball

Sitting on an exercise ball is a great way to work your core and force yourself to sit up straight. As oppose to the better back that uses a system of straps to keep you upright, sitting on exercise ball forces you to use your muscles to maintain your posture. When starting off you won’t be able to sit on the ball with good posture all day, so start with an hour in the morning and slowly work your way up to more and more time.


5. Foam Roller

Foam rollers, massage balls, lacrosse balls, are all great products for relieving muscle tightness. I personally keep a lacrosse ball with me at all times just in case I am feeling tight. These products can be used on any muscle and will help you stay limber through a day of sitting.

Remember the most effective way to stay healthy at a desk is not a product but movement. Get up every hour and walk around. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far away from the door if you drive to work, find any excuse to move, your body will thank you.

Jake Dermer