Lose Excess Belly Fat at Your Desk

You don’t need to go to the gym to accomplish your weight loss goals. Strength training and cardiovascular exercise are great, but it is only 20% of the battle, the rest is your diet. Your diet is far and away the most influential factor when it comes to body composition, and you can work on it at your desk. 

Most people think you need a complicated workout program, a dietitian, and Oprah money to have the physique you’ve always dreamed of, you don’t.  You can get rid of almost all of your excess belly fat with a simple tool that you can use at your desk… (Drumroll please)…

A food diary! 

A food diary is the single best tool for weight loss, because it helps you track what you’ve eaten, plan what you are going to eat, and creates a system to keep you accountable.

If your goal is weight loss, you are not going to want to write down unhealthy food in your diary, which in turn makes you less likely to eat it. However, you’ll be pretty pumped about writing down a salad. Additionally, a food diary allows you to track quantifiable goals like your allotted calories per day, as opposed to just attempting to “eat healthier”. Healthy is qualitative, and somewhat subjective, while calories are measurable, and directly influence body composition. 

You can use a physical food diary, which I personally prefer, or any number of apps that that help you accomplish the same thing.

When it comes to weight loss the only thing that really matters is calories in vs. calories out.

Calories in > Calories out = weight gain

Calories in < Calories out= weight loss

Calories in = Calories out= maintenance

Be warned; just because calories are the most important factor for weight loss, it doesn’t mean you can eat low calorie junk all day. The nutrient density of your food is what keeps you satiated and makes it easier to stick with a diet. If you eat less than your daily allotment of calories in fast food you may feel like your starving. However if you were to attempt to eat your daily allotment of calories with only broccoli you’d be disgustingly full.

In conjunction with your food diary, take walking brakes. You don’t need to go to the gym unless you are trying to build muscle. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do from the comfort of your home, and if you need a place to start try our weekend warrior preparedness program, it is an easy first workout to wake up that dormant athletic ability inside you. 

Start now; write down what you’ve eaten today and take a walk, you’ll be thankful you did.  

Keep a look out for Do it at your Desk the book, it will be available in April!